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Moral Government

Substitutionary Atonement - A breif letter on the Atonement from Jeff Paul, Dean Harvey was sent a copy of this letter on 12-2-96 and shared it with others.

A Brief Introductory Sketch of the History of the Grotian Theory of the atonement - by Dr. Frank H. Foster. 19th Century professor at Oberlin. Don't be fooled by the title, this is a long article!

Analytic Testing of the Penal Substitution theory of the Atonement - By John Miley, D.D. Section 5 of the seventh chapter of Dr. Miley's monumental work, The Atonment of Christ. The whole chapter is an indepth analysis of the Penal Substitution theory and its flaws, but this section provides a substantial portion of his argument.

Answers to Critics - By Jonathan Duttweiler. A look at the criticisms leveled at Moral Government Theology and a response from scripture and reason.

The Atonement As A Factor in Divine Government - by S. R. Fiske. The Author provides an introduction to the basic arguments of the Governmental theory of the atonement in opposition to the Satisfaction theory.

The Atonement - by Charles G. Finney. A sermon by the great Revivalist on the Moral Government theory of the Atonement. A must read!

The Atonement - by Albert Barnes. Currently out of print, this is one of the broadest, yet most readible presentations of the Governmental view of the Atonement written in the 19th Century. As the back flap on the the Bethany House version states, To read it is to feast. To digest it is to grow. To respond to it is to close in with Christ Himself!"

The Atonement - by Dean Harvey. A general overview of the Governmental view of the Atonement.

Be Ye Reconciled to God - by P. P. Waldenstrom. Who was to be reconciled by Christ's atoning work, God to man or man to God? The great Swedish Pietist answers this, and other questions, in this classic work on the Atonement.

Different Species of Justice with Application to Theological Errors - By Nathaniel W. Taylor. Taken from Taylor's Lectures On The Moral Government of God, Part II of Lecture XIII. Taylor defines various classes of justice and shows how the confusion of various definitions results in faulty understanding concerning the Atonement and God's Moral Government.

Essay On The Scripture Doctrine of Atonement: Showing Its Nature, Its Necessity, and Its Extent - by Caleb Burge, A.M., (Congregationalist pastor in Connecticut) - 1822. One of the best "short" works on the subject from a Governmental perspective.

God's Morphic Gospel - by Harry Conn. The Gospel as preached by Christ Jesus is a continuation of the government of God, a reconciliation of the relationship between God and man as God had always presented it - through covenants or conditions.

The Governmental Theory of the Atonement - by John Miley. 19th Century Methodist Theologian and professor of systematic theology expounds on this essential subject.

The Governmental Theory: An Expansion - by Dr. J. Kenneth Grider. Expanding the governmental view to incorporate other scriptural aspects of the atonement.

Historical Opinions As To the Nature of Christ's Atoning Death - by Gordon C. Olson. A brief sketch of the main views of the Atonement historically held by the Christian church.

Is the Sovereign Will of God the Foundation for Moral Obligation? - by Charles G. Finney. Addapted from Finney's Systematic Theology, this article examines upon what our moral obligation rests

It Is Finished - by Leonard Ravenhill. A classic message from one of the most powerful preachers of the last 50 years.

Key of Knowledge, The - by Scott Taylor. The author explores the proposition that the benevolence of God is the key of knowledge", the primary hermeneutic for understanding scripture and doing theology.

Misconceptions about Moral Government - by Dr. Alan Snyder. A brief look at a view misconceptions critics have concerning Moral Government Theology.

Moral Government - Lecture One - by Charles G. Finney. Lecture One from Finney's 1878 ed. of his Systematic Theology presenting a basis for understanding Moral Government Theology.

Moral Government - Lecture Two - By Charles G. Finney. Lecture Two from Finney's 1878 ed. of his Systematic Theology presenting a basis for understanding Moral Government Theology.

Moral Obligation - by Charles G. Finney. Finney presents the foundation of moral obligation upon free moral agents. Taken from his Systematic Theology, it should be read in conjuction with the preceding article.

Philosophy of Law and Grace, The - by Kel Good. The author provides a brief introduction to the underlying issues of the Atonement from a Governmental perspective.

Series on the Atonement - by George Otis, Jr. These massages were taped in Tacoma, Washington in the fall of 1981 and transcribed from tape.

Skeletons of a Course of Theological Lectures - By Charles G. Finney. Written by the author in 1840 as outlines for his Theology classes at Oberlin College, these lectures were published by Bethany as The Heart of Truth in the late 1970s. Concise, logical presentation of Finney's Theology.

Substitution (Christ as Sin for Us) - By Charles G. Finney. Exploring 2 Cor. 5:21 and just what it means for Christ to have been made sin for us.

Systematic Theology -1851 - by Charles G. Finney. The most comprehensive version of Finney's Theological Work. Unabridged and in HTML format. COMING SOON

Systematic Theology - 1878 - by Charles G. Finney. The Introduction should be required reading for anyone calling himself an intelligent Christian! COMING SOON

Therefore Choose - by Jonathan Duttweiler. An introduction to the basics of Moral Government.

Unity of Moral Action - By Charles G. Finney. Lecture 9 from his Systematic Theology of 1878, if modern Christianity could get hold of this one truth, it would revolutionize us! Understanding this is at the heart of understanding Moral Government Theology!

Unpublished Lectures on Theology - by Charles G. Finney. Finney often alluded to this work, but it was never published during his lifetime. Found in the library of Oberlin College by Gordon C. Olson and originally typed out by him, it is available now in HTML format.

What is The Moral Government of God"? - by Dean Harvey. A brief sketch of the primary issues dealt with in Moral Government Theology.


Series on the Atonement - by Jonathan Duttweiler. A five part series of sermons covering the Moral Government theology of the atonement:

God's Biggest Problem - Serious problems confront the Godhead in forgiving sins, this sermons looks at the problems of reconciliation.

The Only Solution - How are the problems of reconciliation to be overcome? An introductory look at the solution.

All For Us! - Christ did not die because of the cross, but rather because of the "sins of the world"! All that He did, He did for us!

It is Finished!- An examination of the necessary characteristics of an atonement and whether the cross of Christ meets those characteristics.

Just and the Justifier - Showing that the Cross solves all the governmental problems confronting God in the foregiveness of sins. Last in the series.