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Free Will

A Discourse on the Freedom of the Will - by Ransom Dunn. Written in 1850, this Pastor of a Free Will Baptist Church in Boston provides some cogent insights. A (relatively) brief work that serves admirably (once you get by the archaic language) as an introduction to the issues.

Finney's Ephasis on Freedom of the Will - by Dean Harvey. Explores the concept of Freedom of the will in the writings of Charles G. Finney.

The Incipiency of the Will vs. Determinism - by Harry Conn. What is the true character of freedom of choice and how does it differ from determinism?

Is God Good by Nature or by Choice? - by George (Jed) Smock. A complimentary piece to the Kelly Good article examining the question.

Moral Agency and Accountability - by Wilbur Fisk. An extensive look at the nature of free agency and acountability, comparing the Calvinian and traditional Arminian views. Chapter 9 of Fisk's 1832 book, Calvinistic Controversy: Embracing a Sermon on Predestination and Election; and Several Numbers on the Same Subject.

The Assurance of God's Faithfulness - by Kel Good. The companion piece to the above article examining how we can rely on God being faithful when that faithfulness is voluntary.

The Goodness of God - or Can Voluntary Goodness be Guaranteed? - by Kel Good. An examination as to whether God's goodness is voluntary or necessitated by His nature.

The Love of A Sovereign God - by Jonathan Duttweiler. Does God desire to be freely loved, or to see His "plan" carried out?

The Openness of God - by Julie Short. A provoking book review of the book edited by Clark Pinnock.