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Christian Character

Go to web site A Plain Account of Christian Perfection - by John Wesley. Wesley's classic presentation of his view on the subject. Differing in many ways from Finney, Wesley's emphasis on "perfect love" seems to have influenced Finney to some degree.

The Chocolate Soldier - by C. T. Studd. A call to true Christian character, one of the strongest messages you'll find - read this if you dare!

Asa Mahan and the Development of American Holiness - by Donald W. Dayton. Author of Discovering an Evangelical Heritage explores the changing terminology in Mahan's Theology and its impact on the Holiness and Pentecostal movements of the late 19th Century.

The Backslider in Heart - by Charles G. Finney. Don't let externals fool you, God judges the heart!

Breaking Up the Fallow Ground - by Jonathan Duttweiler. What preparation is needed in one's heart for true Revival to occur.

The Doctrine Of The Sanctifying Spirit: Charles G. Finney's Synthesis Of Wesleyan And Covenant Theology - by Timothy L. Smith. This expert in Christian history takes a look at Finney's doctrine of sanctification and the profound impact it had on the late 19th Century holiness movements.

God: the Means or the End? - by Jonathan Duttweiler. Why are you serving God? Is He your "all in all", or just a means to make you happy?

How To Overcome Sin - by Charles G. Finney. Practical and biblical principles for overcoming sin in one's life, edited by Keith Green.

Jesus, A Savior from Sinning - By Charles G. Finney. The author shows the myth of the "carnal Christian" and demonstrates that the very purpose of Jesus coming into the world was to save people from their sins not in their sins!

Obedience from the Heart - by George (Jed) Smock. What is entailed in obedience to the Law and how does this relate to Grace vs. Law.

The Old Cross and the New - By A. W. Tozer. Don't think modern "christianity" preaches a different "gospel" than the scriptures present? Read this article by one of the 20th Centuries great Christian authors and see the difference between the Cross as presented in scripture and the modern "christian" message.

The Old Man and the New - By Charles G. Finney. Exploring the question of what is the old man and what is the new and what it means to put the one of and the other on.

Overview of the Subject of Holiness - by Dean Harvey. A look at what scriptures say about this important subject from a governmental perspective

People Pleasers - by Winkie Pratney. Who are you living to please? A chapter from his early work, "Youth Aflame!".

The Pleasure Gospel - By David Pierce. The seduction of the modern "gospel" - its all about me!! A hard hitting message we all need to be reminded of.

Romans 7:14-20 - By Dan Corner. The author examines the traditional use of this passage to justify carnality in the believer and shows the error for what it is.

Series on Pride - by George Otis, Jr. A lecture series transcribed and on the Net.

Taking Too Much For Granted - by Jonathan Duttweiler. Five faulty assumptions that are made to the detriment of spiritual life.

Ten Shekels and a Shirt - by Paris Reidhead. Transcribed text of one of the most powerful sermons preached in the past 50 years. Explores the issues of "why" one serves God.

Total Commitment to Christ- by A. W. Tozer. A classic on Christian commitments from one of the spiritual giants of the 20th century!

Ultimate Choices- by Jonathan Duttweiler. A brief look a Charles Finney's concept of the Unity of Moral Action