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Calvinism and Arminianism

A Comparison of Calvinism and Arminianism - by Dean Harvey. A look at two theological systems and how they differ.

A Critical Review of B. B. Warfield's - by Bill Nicely. A look at the significant weaknesses of one of the most often quoted rebuttals" of Finney's Theology.

Analysis of the Ninth Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans - By Jacoubs (James) Arminius. Read the Remonstrant's analysis of the the text commonly used by Calvinists to "prove" God's "soveriegnty" in unconditional election and find out what it really is saying.

Arminius, Arminianism, and the Five Articles of the Remonstrants - from the Church of the Nazarene website, an interesting overview of the essential points of Arminianism.

Beyond Calvinism - Ten Little Reasons For Reforming The Church - by Bob Moore. Ten chapters that are intent on reclaiming biblical language from Reformed Theology. A quite interesting endeavor in Theology that should provoke you to actually think about what you believe.

Calvinism Critiqued - by Steve Jones. An extensive examiniation of Calvinism from a former Calvinist, this is an excellent look at the issues involved.

Calvinism: A Debate - by Craig Sietsema and Kel Good. Proponents of Calvinism and Moral Government Theology offer support for their position and critique of the opposing one.

From Augustine to Arminius: A Pilgrimage in Theology - by Clark H. Pinnock. Pinnock examines his journey from a hard line reformed theologian to the free will theist he has become.

His Ashes Cry Out Against John Calvin - by Dan Corner. An article concerning the religious persecution by Calvin against disenters of his Theology.

Romans Chapter 9 - from Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Book of Romans. A chapter often used by those advocating Unconditional Election, the famed Methodist theologian and commentator offer's some significant insight to the contrary.

A Dialogue between Evangelical Education Ministries and the Coalition on Revival - Council on Revival and Moral Government Theology - by Dean Harvey. A synopsis of EEM's dealings with COR over MGT. Due to the publication of Beisner's book detailing Moral Government Theology, we felt these materials were important of illuminating the issues dealt with. The reader would be best served by reading these in order.

A Dialogue between Evangelical Education Ministries and the Coalition on Revival - by Kel Good. Kel proposes a few principles for determining what might rightfully be called heresy".

A Dialogue between Evangelical Education Ministries and the Coalition on Revival - by E. Calvin Beisner. Beisner's letter in response to Kel Good's article taking umbrage with Good's conclusions.

A Dialogue between Evangelical Education Ministries and the Coalition on Revival - by Kel Good. Good's response to Beisner's letter.

A Dialogue between Evangelical Education Ministries and the Coalition on Revival - Letter to the Editor - by Tom Lukashow. Another response to Beisner's letter, with some very cogent points.

A Discussion of Antinomy - by Dean H. Harvey. A brief look at theological word play and how some want to make up be down at the same time.

A Genetic History of the New England Theology - by Frank Hugh Foster. Foster presents a detailed history of the beginnings of New England (or New School") Theology and traces its development up throgh the end of the 19th century.

Answers to Apologetic Index's criticisms of Moral Government Theology - by Jonathan Duttweiler. We must be becoming more effective at communicating the truth, otherwise why would they start attacking us so much?! Jesus said "'Blessed are ye when [men] shall reproach you,...and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.'" (Mt. 5:11 ASV) Apologetics Index has a list of criticisms posted at their web site. This is a point by point response to that criticism, showing the scriptural, as well as rational, basis for MGT. Point your friends here for answers!

Go to web site The Complete Works of Jacobus Arminius, - By Jacobus (James) Arminius. The complete works of the man who began the reclaimation of Theology from the despair of Calvinism. From the Wesley Center for Applied Theology.

Earnestly Contend for the Faith - by Gordon C. Olson. An brief exposition on the doctrinal position of General Baptists and the need to spread the truth of the Gospel.

John Fletcher's Methodology in the Antinomian Controversy of 1770-1776 - by Robert A. Mattke. The author takes a look at the development of Fletcher's thought in combatting Antinomianism in the later 18th Century.

The Lies of Michael Horton Documented - by C. J. Schmidtz. Was Finney a Humanist with little concern for scripture and an inflated opinion of himself? Read the author's response and conclusions.

Moral Agency and Accountability - by Wilbur Fisk. An extensive look at the nature of free agency and acountability, comparing the Calvinian and traditional Arminian views. Chapter 9 of Fisk's 1832 book, Calvinistic Controversy: Embracing a Sermon on Predestination and Election; and Several Numbers on the Same Subject.

Pelagian Boogie Man - by Jonathan Duttweiler. A brief survey of Pelagianism and what Pelagius actually believed.

Pelagius: To Demtrias - by Geoffrey Ó Riada. A quite balanced look at the life and teachings of one of the Reformed elements' favorite strawmen. If you want to get a clearer picture of who Pelagius was and what he taught, read this and the following article.

Reply to the Principle Arguments by Which the Calvinists and the Fatalists Support the Doctrine of Absolute Necessity - by John Fletcher. Subtitled Being Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Toplady's "Scheme of Christian and Philosophical Necessity", this work from the 18th Century is a concise introduction to, and refutation of, the Calvinistic doctrine of decrees. The entirety of this classic response to Calvinism by Methodism's first truly systematic theologian is now online.

Some Thoughts on Orthodoxy - by Dean Harvey. A brief look at the tension between orthodoxy" and genuine moves of God in history.

The Synod of Dort and Moral Government Theology - by Jonathan Duttweiler. A brief overview of the theological conflict as defined by the Synod of Dort and its relationship to Moral Government Theology.

What the Reformers Forgot - By Jacob Prasch. Adapted from a larger response to a criticism of the Reformers, this essay provides a brief but insightful overview of their legacy.