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Breaking Up the Fallow Ground by Charles G. Finney. - Principles for experiencing personal revival!

Fire from the Altar of Prayer - Over a 180 different quotes on prayer and revival!

Lectures to Professing Christians - by Charles G. Finney. HTML format of Finney's volume of sermons.

Revival Lectures - by Charles G. Finney. Web version of Finney's classic work.

Toronto Controversy, The - by Andrew Strom. From the New Zealand Revival Bulletin. Is the Toronto Blessing" really a revival from God? Does it match the biblical and historical characteristics of true Godly revival, or does it simply feed the flesh? Excellent examination by Brother Strom.

What Will Bring Revival in America? - by Jonathan Duttweiler. Biblical principles for Revival culled from scripture and the writings of Charles G. Finney.

Baptism of Fire - by Leonard Ravenhill. What does the Church desperately need for Revival to come in this age? One of the greatest preachers of the last 50 years answers that question in this stirring message.

Character of God, The - By Timothy L. Dwight. Revival builds upon a true understanding of the nature and chacter of God. Edward's grandson presents a powerful picture of our Almighty God!

Continuous Revival - by Norman Grubb. Booklet on how to experience the presence of continuous revival in one's life. A classic.

Cry for Revival, The - By Robert Murray M'Cheyne. Scottish Presbyterian preacher of the early 19th Century, this is a message McCheyne preached during his brief ministry. If gives us a look into the heart of a man totally yielded to the Master, who lived personally in revival and knew how needed the message was for the church.

Effects of the Second Great Awakening, The - by Cory Schmidtz. The author examines the ongoing influence the Second Great Awakening had, and continues to have, on society and culture in the United States.

Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival of 1904 - Uncredited. The story of the Welsh Revival and the man whose name became synonymous with it.

Excitement in Revivals - Letter Six - by Charles G. Finney. Letter Six from Finney's Revival Fire, the venerable revivalist expounds on what is and is not objectionable excitement in revival (or Christian religion in general, for that matter).

Fanatical Excitement - Letter Seven - by Charles G. Finney. Not everything that happens in a revival is necessarily from God. If not watched carefully, Satan may sow seeds of fanaticism in the works!

Excitement in Revivals - Letter Eight - by Charles G. Finney. Finney shows how "excitement" can masquerade as true religion but is in reality the enemy of real Christianity!

Have We No Tears for Revival? - by Leonard Ravenhill. Brother Ravenhill briefly bemoans the lack of tears over the state of the Church and the lost among modern "Christians".

Hawaii's Great Awakening - A contemporary of Finney's, Titus Coan took Finney's revival methods to Hawaii in the 1830's and saw God move mightily. This is an account of that Revival!

How To Preach Without Converting Anybody - by Charles G. Finney. A facetious title for a serious subject as Finney looks at how not to win souls!

Life of Charles G. Finney - By. A. M. Hills. President of Texas Holiness University in the early 1900s and a student of Finney's, Hills wrote this to give to the world a Life of Charles G. Finney, less voluminous than his Autobiography, less costly than Professor Wright's Life of Finney, and written by one acquainted with him from the standpoint of holiness."

Mythology of the Brownsville 'Revival' - By Chuck Fisher. A look at the goings on at Browsnville and why it is not a Revival" in the true sense of the term.

The Nature of Enthusiasm - by John Wesley. A much needed balance for the anything goes experiential religion" that passes for "Revival" and "the Spirit" in the modern Church. Wesley's use of the word "enthusiams" is far different than our day and might be viewed as "emotionalism" or "fanaticism" today.

Pentecost - By Leonard Ravenhill. The Church needs a mighty overhauling by divine Hands, that is, she needs the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, evidenced by by a holy life.

Power from on High - by Charles G. Finney. Where does the power for Revival come from? Finney answers this question, and many of his critics, in this series of sermons.

Power Through Prayer - by Edward M. Bounds. This classic book on prayer will not only inform you on the power available through prayer but inspire you to avail yourself of it!

Praying the Price of Revival - by Stuart Robinson. A two part article on the true cost and foundation of biblical Revival.

The Prevailing Prayer Meeting - by Charles G. Finney. How prayer effects and brings about Revival.

Revival at Evan's Mills - By Charles G. Finney. Another chapter from his Memoirs, this one records a Revival early in Finney's career, detailing some of the doctrinal truths he pressed home to bring about conviction.

Revival Fire - by Charles G. Finney. A brief look at the results and problems of Revival.

Revival in Rochester, 1830 - By Charles G. Finney. From Finney's Memoirs, his recount of the dramatic and revolutionary happenings in Rochester, NY in 1830.

Revival in the Congo! - As told by Helen Roseveare. A first-hand recounting of the 1950's Revival in the Belgian Congo. An inspiring and educating read!

Revival is Sweeping America! - By Daniel Jarvis. Don't think a Revival is sweeping America? Read this article and find out the truth! Revival is here, but what are we doing about it?

Sermons On Gospel Themes - by Charles G. Finney.

Two World Views on a Collision Course - by Dr. Alan Snyder. A look at the cultural struggle between biblical Christianity and secular humanism.

Unction! - By Leonard Ravenhill. The real need of the Church is not spirited preached but Spirit-filled preaching and the secret to Spirit-filled preaching is prayer!

The Way of Salvation - by Charles G. Finney. Another classic set of sermons from Finney.

What A Revival of Religion Is - by Charles G. Finney. From the first chapter in his Revival Lectures, the great evangelist expounds on the nature of true Revival. Compare Finney's explaination to what is passed off as Revival in America!

What Does Revival Look Like? - By Chuck Fisher. Some characteristics of true revival as shared on an Internet discussion list.

What Kind of revival Do We Need? - By Andrew Murray. The great South African preacher answers the title's question with a single word - holiness.

What's Wrong with the Gospel? Part 1 - By Keith Green. Brother Green takes us through the failures of the modern "gospel" by showing what has been left out to make it more palatable to modern ears.

What's Wrong with the Gospel? Part 2 - By Keith Green. The late musician/prophet examines why the modern message fails to make stout converts by showing what has been added to the authentic message of Christ!

When Will revival Come to Your Town? - By Dave Konkol. A look at what is required for revival to come to your locale. It must start in you!

Why three years of Toronto and still no revival? - by Jacob Pasch. The author examines the so-called Toronto revival in light of biblical teaching and historic revival movments and finds it wanting. Written in 1996, the intervening 4 years seem to have made no difference.