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Original Sin

Are Men Born Sinners? - by A. T. (Tom) Overstreet. An extremely comprehensive view of the subject.

Born Sinful? - by Theodore W. Elliott. The third edition, updated and greatly expanded, of this booklet. A thorough and scriptural refutation of the traditional doctrine of Original Sin. A must read! (The author is Vice-president of Evangelical Education Ministries and editor of their monthly newsletter, Notes & Quotes.)

Doctrine of Original Sin, The - by Dean Harvey. Rev. Harvey takes us through a survey of the traditional doctrine versus what the bible really says.

Death Came to All Men Because All Sinned - by Kel Good. A look at Romans 5 and whether Adam is the CAUSE of all death.

History of the Doctrine of Original Sin, The - by C. G. Bretschneider. From an article printed in the Oberlin Evangelist, originally from the author's Manual of Dogmatic History, this essay briefly traces the development of the doctrine. Originally published on the web at Holiness Truth in Heart.

Moral Depravity: What is it? - by Charles G. Finney. Finney looks at the doctrine of original sin and lays out his objections to the traditional understanding. First of three part series.

Moral Depravity NOT Inborn! - by Charles G. Finney. Here Finney shows that depravity does not constitute a "sin nature" with which men are born. Part two of three.

Moral Depravity Entered into Voluntarily! - by Charles G. Finney. The culmination of Finney's examination of the nature, extent and origin of moral depravity. Part three of three.

Nature of Man, The - by Douglas A. Smith. A bible study on the nature of man and whether he is born a sinner or innocent.

Psalm 51:5 - by William P. Murray, Jr. A look into the verse often used as a "proof" text for supporters of the doctrine of original sin. But what does it really mean?

Original Sin According To St. Paul - By John Romanides. Greek Orthodox theologian shines some light on the anthropology of Paul and the view of Original Sin from the perspective of historic Orthodoxy.

"Logic" of Original Sin, The - by Kel Good. The author examines the charge that if one denies original sin one necessarily denies the atonement.